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What is Jade Rolling

Jade rolling is a very simple and easy process of rolling a specially made jade stone roller across the face in certain directions for a few minutes to help improve a variety of different skin issues. It has been around for many years and is believed to have been practiced by the wealthy women of ancient China since as far back as the seventh century.

Nowadays its popularity seems to be on the rise as more and more of us are looking for new and unusual ways to improve our skincare routines. The jade stone itself is actually considered to be a symbol of beauty and longevity and rolling this semi-precious stone in a particular fashion across the face is believed to have an array of skin benefiting properties.

Jade Rolling Benefits

These little rollers have so many skin benefits that it was almost impossible for me not to want one. To start with, much like dry brushing, they help to increase lymphatic drainage which helps to remove toxins from the body. They can also help with circulation which leaves the skin with a naturally glowing appearance.

The massaging motion of the roller is also said to help tighten and tone the facial muscles which can help the skin to look firmer. It can also help bring down overall skin puffiness which is one of my favourite things about it because that makes your facial features look so much more defined especially in certain areas like the cheekbones, brows, and jawline.

    • Made of 100% real pure jade stone. Well polishing smooth surface is very skin friendly
    • Perfect match with your face structure. Available for forehead, cheek, eyes and neck rolling massage.
    • Help to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circle under the eyes. Enhance skincare absorption.
    • Well protected inner holding foam and gift box packaging, no damage risk during transportation, good idea for gift.
    • Since the jade roller is made of natural jade stone, items might have tiny difference in color


    Send eye bags packing! This roller acts just as intensive (quick-fix!) workout – boosting circulation and eliminating a puffy eye area. Perfect for counteracting tell-tale signs of too-late nights (or too many cocktails), this is also the ideal excuse for some end-of-day ‘me time’ – soothing post-work stresses and enhancing your evening time skin care routine. 


    Made from reconstituted jade, these rollers utilize ancient Chinese methodology to stimulate lymphatic drainage while massaging the skin and underlying muscles. A perfect way to supplement your daily skin care ritual, not only does the texture of the stone feel infinitely soothing (ideal at the end of a loooong day), but the rolling motion boosts elimination of accumulated toxins and helps to bring relief from stubborn tension headaches if you roll on your temples. Use around the eye orbital and you’ll soon see a difference in the texture, tone, and clarity. With regular use, your fine lines appear lessened, dark circles diminish, and you’ll notice a reduction in persistent wrinkles (it’s great for combatting ‘elevens’). Store in the fridge to enhance the relaxing and tightening benefits.