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ST Nicer Dicer Plus [12 in 1 Magic Slicer]+FREE SHIPPING

12 in 1 Magic Slicer 

  • Material: Stainless steel blades
  • Makes food preparation easier and faster
  • Makes perfectly even slices
  • Comes with multiple blades
  • Avoids cuts and injuries
  • Easy to store
    Fast,clean handling
  • Stable Processing
  • One step Precision cutting
Product details of Nicer Dicer Plus Multi-Chopper Slicer 10-piece Set (Green) and FREE Knives 10-piece set
Everyone enjoys feasting on mouth-watering food, but not everyone enjoys preparing them. All those slicing and dicing can be too much work. Why not make things simpler and easier and get the Nicer Dicer Plus Multi-Chopper Slicer?
The Nicer Dicer Plus Multi-Chopper Slicer can give you perfectly even slices without stressing out your hands. No matter how thin you want them, the slices will come out even every time – that is something that even the most brilliant chef can’t do. Apart from slices, you can also make perfect quarter, julienne, and diced pieces. The slicer comes with different blades to give you a variety of cuts.
The Nicer Dicer Plus Multi-Chopper Slicer brings multiple benefits to your kitchen. It makes food preparation quick, easy, and it produces better results as well. Having evenly chopped ingredients means the cooking process will also come out even and faster. It also spares your fingers from stains and smells that comes from handling the food. But more importantly, it helps you avoid cuts and injuries that come from using knives. It is definitely a helpful kitchen tool that makes food preparation easier for everyone.