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Hands-Free Toothpaste Dispenser (White) + FREE SURPRISE GIFT

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Note: for the first time to use to push extrusion button 5-8 times, until the toothpaste came out. It is best to use new toothpaste, if you want to use the old toothpaste, put the remaining toothpaste into the forefront of toothpaste mouth, do not have air into the intake interior. Picked up the toothbrush toothbrush head alignment compressive bar to push to get through.

Automatic toothpaste directions for use:
1. He fixed his toothpaste; Will the metope of fixed automatic toothpaste to clean, use clean cloth to wipe, both sides will glue film tear fixed place in the chest.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Both sides of the squash with the hand pinch the button down from the airplane.
4. Pull the toothpaste inhaler from the front.
5. Push new toothpaste tightly into toothpaste inhaler.
6. Insert the plug good toothpaste with inhaler original parts.
7. The extrusion button assembly to the original place.
8. The lid.
Do not need power supply, automatic vacuum way toothpaste came out.
Give children the joy of brushing your teeth, bring convenience for the old, the weak body disabled.